Sunday, 17 February 2008

5-Day Forecast For Amsterdam (16 February 2008)

Dear friends and colleagues,

My third performance in collaboration with the weather starts today: '5-Day Forecast For Amsterdam'. The piece takes place from Saturday 16 February 2008 until Wednesday 20 February 2008 non-stop (incl. sunny at night). I hope you enjoy the show.

'5-Day Forecast For Amsterdam' is a feel-good time-based installation performance. It is a part of a larger series of performances 'Telling Future'. The piece features cold sunshine and deals with the issues of predicting future, winter depression, wishful thinking, drama, arguments for the existence of god, authorship, control and artistic illusion of grandeur.

'The most important question a person can ask themselves is: Is this a friendly Universe?'
Albert Einstein

Concept and choreography: Andrea Bozic in collaboration with the weather

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Entrance: free
Best viewed: outdoors
In case you document the show: I would be pleased to receive your photos.